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Jockey Bra Forever Fabulous Pack Of 2


Jockey Bra is a popular brand and always offering Lingerie for every size. Every woman wants to have a perfect shaped breast and most of the time that’s relays on the bra. Finding an accurate cup size and band size is still a big problem for most girls.


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Let’s understand first how to measure bra size-

So, basically the CUP SIZE is the letters:- A, B, C, D and the numbers like 32, 34, 36, 38- tells you the band size. Let suppose you need 32A which means your Boobs size is cup A and band is 32. Simple and easy-peasy.

Find your suitability with given a few popular types of jockey bra you can purchase through the online stores.

1. Jockey Women Cotton Bra

A wireless bra is for everyone regardless of their body type, the best choice for lounging, and even while sleeping. This bra maintains the natural shape of the breast. Made with super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric to give comfort all day all night.

SIZE RANGE: 30B to 36C  https://amzn.to/3jcDWjt

Jockey Beginner Bra


2. Jockey Full Cup Bras

Give a comfortable and supportive look with a jockey full coverage bra to your bust. Full cup bras are great for women with large breasts and who want more coverage or shaping to give comfortable look to their breast.

SIZE RANGE: 32B to 38Dhttps://amzn.to/3jjwrrh

Jockey Full Cup Bras


3. Everyday Support Bra

The non-padded and non-wired everyday support bra from Jockey is made of cotton and offering ultimate comfort. This bra will keep and hold your busts in an accurate position with its innovative design which is perfect for any outfits.

SIZE RANGE: 32B to 38C https://amzn.to/30nnTqF

3. Everyday Support Bra


4.Jockey Seamless Bra

The medium coverage seamless bra is perfect for young girls or women having small busts. The double-layered cups provide natural shape to the breast and suitable for both Indian Outfits and Tops/T-shirts.

SIZE RANGE: 32B to 34C https://amzn.to/2Oy8EFI


5.Jockey Plunge Neck Bra

The under band provides free move and offers full support suitable for low cut blouses and dress. Made with super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric which offers semi-coverage giving an excellent shaping. 

SIZE RANGE: 32B to 38D https://amzn.to/3jfFFED

5.Jockey Plunge Neck Bra


6. Jockey Beginners Bra

The soft under band will hold your breast in a firm position and provides great support as well as an excellent fit. This innerwear bra is made with soft cotton material for youngsters offers to you by jockey bra.

SIZE RANGE: XS to XL https://amzn.to/32z1PvA





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