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Triumph Bra Online | 9 Best Bra | 2020


The Triumph Bra Brand has various diversification and segment with great versatility and style in the market. Lingeries are more than a garment for every woman, it’s now like become a fashion statement. To get the best women are now ready to invest time and money to add essences to their fashion.


The Triumph is a popular international brand that is engaged with women’s intimate wear. They come up with several unique qualities, styles, and designs. All of their products are made up of superior fabric and give priority to feel luxuries to all customers.

Triumph Brand is dealing with several variants of bra styles as well as types. So, here comes the variants and you can choose one of them according to your type-


The modern woman demands comfortable as well as a unique bra!! So, here we gonna add all types of bra they need. With regard to the color, size, price, comfort, qualities, and yes the last but not the least different design. The type with Triumph Brand deal with-

  1. Push-Up Bra
  2. Sport Bra
  3. Backless Bra
  4. Balconette Bra
  5. Nursing Bra
  6. Seamless Bra
  7. Minimizer Bra
  8. Halter Bra
  9. Strapless Bra

Brand New Designs in Triumph Collections:

1. Triumph Push-Up Bra

1. Triumph Push-Up Bra


An ideal push-up bra for every woman to give fullness to your breast along with a smooth look. The mate finishing black color will definitely attract you to drag it. This is just beginning which shows an excelling example, there is a more extra-ordinary design by Triumph Brand.

  • BEST FOR: Asymmetric breast Shape
  • FABRIC: 60% Polyamide 20% polyester 20% elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Deep Cuts/ Party Wear/ T-shirts/Top


2. Triumph Sports BraTriumph Sports Bra



A triumph sports bra comes with broad straps and a cross-back for better supports to breasts. People who involve in sports or any physical activities as well as dance or work-out, this will gonna best for you. As it will give you full coverage and full back support due to cross-crips.

  • BEST FOR: Support bust shaking, shape, and size
  • FABRIC:  66% Cotton, 30% polyester and 4% elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Physical Activities


3. Triumph Backless Bra

Triumph Backless Bra


Innovation and the unique invention is actually a backless bra. This wonderful backless bra from triumph comes with neat transparent back strap and is ready to give you braless feel. Perfect for your sexy backless outfit as well as for low plunge neckline dress.

  • BEST FOR: Bust Shape
  • FABRIC: Polyamide, polyester, and elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Backless outfit


4. Triumph Balconette Bra


Underwired half cup balconette bra formulated for extra support. The sot of lace on the upper section enhancing the look and shape. This Balconette Bra is a multi-functional bra that can be used in a different style.

  • BEST FOR: Perfect for small bust size
  • FABRIC: Polyamide, polyester, and elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Partywear


5. Triumph Seamless Bra


The seamless bra is designed to go invisible under body-hugging outfits. Well, it is basically made to provide a smooth profile under clothing. This bra from triumph brand is highly invisible, super comfy, lightweight, which provide under-wired 3/4 cup.

  • BEST FOR: Teardrop & asymmetric breast shape
  • FABRIC: Polyamide, polyester, and elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Regular to Party Wear


6. Triumph Nursing Bra


A need for a mother is completely understood by a mother that is why this Triumph Bra is designed by a Mother. This Nursing Bra is offer full coverage and is the front drop-down type to reveal your nipples.

  • BEST FOR: For nursing and new mother
  • FABRIC: Cotton, polyester, and elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Every outfit you choice


7. Triumph Minimizer Bra


Women who have heavy bust and looking for a minimizer bra, then this is perfect for you. It will provide you full coverage and definitely reduces your bust size by 1 cup. Broad strap to provide full-day support as well as U-Back for better support.

  • BEST FOR: Asymmetric breast Shape
  • FABRIC: 60% Polyamide 20% polyester 20% elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Nightwear and every outfit you choose


8.Triumph Strapless Bra


Find the perfect bra for your strapless dresses or top from Triumph. The best strapless bra that truly gonna stay up, one of the most loved strapless bra based on a review from Amazon Customer.

  • BEST FOR: Asymmetric breast Shape
  • FABRIC:  polyester & elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Regular Outfit


9. Triumph Halter Bra


Perfect bra with multiple-wearing options, smooth padded under-wired bra with amazing contrast trim at the top of the cup, detachable straps can be worn as halter, cross-back, basic style.

  • BEST FOR: Asymmetric breast Shape
  • FABRIC:  polyester & elastane
  • WEAR IT UNDER: Regular Outfit & Backless Dress
















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