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Best Bodycare Bra Under 185 to 599


Bodycare Bra is specialized in manufacturing innerwear and intimate lingerie. And, this brand always designing the product keeping comfort and quality in mind. Focusing on providing the lingeries in every range and varieties.

Today, women genuinely embrace their bodies by wearing the perfect fitting lingerie. In other words, it’s just more than undergarments for women, it actually becomes a fashion statement for them due to which they give priority to their inner body too. But some woman faces a bit of embarrassment while speaking about the size, shape, design. So, for them, online lingerie shopping is the best option.


And online Lingerie shopping in India has become very popular as it offers widest ranges because of varying price options. And get the 5 best Bodycare Bra and make a perfect fit for your bust. This will definitely suitable for you from your daily to party wear. Let us explore the stunning range featuring trending bra which includes padded/ non-padded, wired/non-wired, and many more.


Many times, busty women think that padded bra is not the right bra for them, then you are absolutely wrong because it is actually perfect for your heavy bust as it provides full support to your bust and it won’t look sagging on any attire of yours.


Bodycare Push-Up Bra


➤➤ Bodycare comfortable push up bra characteristic with adjustable straps and gives full Support and perfect for regular wear.

➤➤ Modified cups to give you full support, shaping, and coverage and get ready to have a smooth look under any clothes. 

➤➤Adjustable shoulder straps to bring extra smoothness with an easy handle, and have a full coverage bra with full comfort from back and front.  

➤➤Detail & Care – Hand-Wash/ College wear/ Party wear.



Bodycare Regular Fit Bra

Bodycare Regular Fit Bra


➤➤ Stitched it just for your ultimate comfort and crafted from soft cotton blend fabric that allows your skin to breathe, and have a great look under any fitted outfits. 

➤➤ Maintain your natural shape with body care regular fit bra, as the seamless cup will hold your bust properly and smoothly. 

➤➤Best for your daily use and consisting of any style you want to. There is some bra that you must hold and this is one of them.

➤➤Auto-adjusting technology to any shapes and gives the best support with the best comfort possible. 



Bodycare Cotton Strap Bra


➤➤ An ideal bra for every woman as this brand offering high-quality fabric that keeps them calm to stay comfortable all day long.

➤➤Non-padded and non-wired cups that bring you ultimate comfort. Many Indian women prefer to buy body care bra online as it offers a wide range here, in respect of color, price, size, type, and design.

➤➤ Get a professional bra fitting bra service online through using a measurement chart to get your band and cup size. 

➤➤ Straps is made up of soft elastic which helps to hold your busts in the right position.



Bodycare Full Coverage Bra

bodycae full coverage bra


➤➤ Fully support and excellent fitting bra, which holds your busts firmly in an accurate position. The elastane stretch fabric will offer fantastic comfort during summer also.

➤➤ One of the best and perfect bra for the young woman as made up of soft cotton fabric and will give full coverage to beginner one.

➤➤Black and white color are available and will leave no marks on the skin.

➤➤Smooth straps are adjustable and have a perfect quality to be worn under t-shirt and Kurtis. 



Bodycare Nursing Bra

bodycare nursing bra


➤➤ Nursing Bra provides additional support to women as a result it permits comfort during breastfeeding without removing bra.

➤➤ Specially designed for all the mothers and suitable for them while feeding to their child. 

➤➤Includes flaps that can be opened with one hand to expose the nipple without removing the bra.

➤➤ This bra is made of soft cotton material and consisting of wider straps for comfort. 



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